how we function

The overall purpose is to equip communities with the necessary knowledge to leverage local grassroots community organizing, to gain power &  influence over decisions that directly affect them.


TAMV is made up of chapter members, supporters, and organizers.

Director takes complaints, throughout Allegheny County with a clear focus on the Mon Valley, to generate solutions to community violence.  Any person/group etc. can make a complaint. 

The chapters are comprised of residents who live in the Mon Valley and organize around issues that directly affect them. In addition, they support TAMV campaigns, programs and initiatives. All chapters receive training.

Volunteer Supporters are people that don’t belong to a chapter but, support the TAMV mission through advocacy, program participation, donations and helping out at events etc. You don’t have to live in the Mon Valley to be a supporter. 

Active chapters 





If you're interested in joining any of the chapters, filing a complaint, or being a volunteer , visit our Get Involved page and complete the form. One of our organizers will be in touch.