We are aware that violent situations happen within various sectors of our communities- where we shop, where we live, whom we trust to protect and run our cities, etc. We make it a priority to listen, process, and support those who have experienced community violence through our complaint process. We offer this program throughout Allegheny County with a clear focus on the Mon Valley, to generate solutions to community violence.  Any person, group, etc. can make a complaint by following the process below.  

1. Submit a complaint form our website

2. Our staff will review and call within 1-2 business days 

3. Our team will further review the complaint and create a plan of action which will include support, resources, & next steps


4. We will work diligently to execute the action plan which may include call to actions, petitions, press releases, court appearances, acquiring legal representation, attending legislative meetings, and any other necessary actions. 

File A Complaint
What type of Community Violence did you expeience?

Thanks for submitting! One of our team members will respond within 1-2 business day.