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Policing in Allegheny County (PACC)

Policing in Allegheny County (PACC) is an initiative, regarding police accountability, of Take Action Mon Valley (TAMV). TAMV mission is to combat ALL forms of community violence through activism and organizing. PACC is made up of local advocacy groups, organizations and individuals. We are presently working on developing demands to address how COVID-19 has affected people and staff in ACJ as well as the gathering care packages for people when they are released from ACJ. In addition, collecting data and community input on how policing is being done in this pandemic throughout Allegheny County.


Encourage and empower Allegheny County residents to recognize their power to restore their communities from the damaging effects of over-policing and move toward a county less dependent on the police. 



To organize and empower Allegheny County residents to advocate for a uniformed county-wide police accountability system, standards, and community-led alternatives to policing.



PACC is a Take Action Mon Valley (TAMV) initiative focused on policing in Allegheny County. It consists of the following committed individuals, community groups and organizations


  • Carmen Alexander 

  • Celeste Scott

  • Dustin Gibson

  • Josh Malloy

  • Louis Berry  

  • Blair Mickles

  • City of Duquesne Mayor Nickole Nesby

  • County Councilwoman Olivia Bennett  

  • 1 Hood

  • Sisters Pittsburgh

  • Casa San Jose

  • Radical Youth Collective

  • Alliance for Police Accountability (APA)

  • Green Party of Allegheny County

  • BlaqkOps

  • Abolitionist Law Center



E-Mail: Takeactionmonvalley@gmail.com


TAMV Hotline: (412) 440 - TAMV (8268)

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