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Allegheny County Police Review Board - April 20th Update

Updated: Apr 24

The Story

Allegheny County Council held a Public Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday April 20th. There was one amendment voted and then the legislation was voted affirmatively back to full Council for a vote. The vote will take place next Tuesday, April 27th at the Regular Meeting at 5:00pm. We are almost the finish line and are so grateful for everyone's engagement and participation.

Please be aware that there are some members of County Council who are trying to stall the vote. They attempted to have a public hearing on April 28th stating that the public needed to share input. However, those who have called for this meeting are members who have consistently voted no in the past and are using this public hearing as yet another stalling tactic. Moreover, there have been over 5 public meetings held about the police review board in the last two years. In addition, the City of Pittsburgh erected a Civilian Police Review Board after the murder of Jonny Gammage by Brentwood Police. The murder of Jonny Gammage occurred in 1995 and the conversation around Civilian Police Review Boards have been a topic of conversation ever since (here in Allegheny County). This leads to the question of why are we having another public hearing around the creation of the Independent Police Review Board? What new information or opinions will come from yet another public hearing? We have done hearings on this before and the need for an IPRB in Allegheny County has not changed. The process of creating the IPRB has been transparent and inclusive. It has probably been the most transparent piece of legislation to ever come up on Council. There have been intentional efforts to make sure everyone who wanted to be included was included and another public hearing is totally unnecessary.

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How You Can Take Action

We are asking people to attend the meeting in person (if you're able/social distancing will be practiced), CALL & EMAIL County Council members and submit comments for the meeting on April 27th. Let them know you support this and want this voted through. Demand that the County Council stops stalling and does what is right by voting through the IPRB so that all folks in the County have the protection they need when it comes to encounters with police. This has been a debate for far too long and it is time for Council to take action. We do not want another meeting; we want the protections that will be afforded to us through an IPRB. We know this has been a fight and folks are tired but we are almost at the finish line. Let's get this done to help make Allegheny County livable for all.

Call County Council at 412-350-6490, submit comments or sign up to speak using the link below:

Request to Comment for County Council Meetings (alleghenycounty.us)

If you are not comfortable attending the meeting in person you can watch the livestream here:

County Council | Allegheny County

Phone Information

County Council (412)350-6490.

Email Information

Leave public comment for the vote on April 27th

Request to Comment for County Council Meetings (alleghenycounty.us)

Find information to Email County Council here:


Here is a list of all Council members and email addresses