Internalized Racism & Violence Among Black Youth

This past weekend in Pittsburgh/Allegheny County a horrible act of violence took place.

More specifically, two Black youth lost their lives, and several others were injured as well as traumatized at a party (that took place at an Airbnb). Our condolences to the families. Unfortunately, this type of violence is all too common in Black communities.

In our opinion this is internalized racism showing up as violent acts among Black youth. This occurs when one accepts the negative stereotypes about their own racial group & it’s often associated with psychological distress. Black author Ibram X. Kendi stated that “Internalized Racism Is the Real Black-on-Black Crime”. We wholeheartedly agree and have seen this far to often. The trauma that results is life changing and damaging.

Therefore, TAMV is offering free individual and group therapy (from licensed therapists) to any youth that were affected last night. Regardless of where they reside etc. If interested, please reach out to us via text 412-440-8268 or email

Lastly, attached are some therapist & mental health professionals we work with.

*Disclaimer regarding the therapist/mental health professionals. TAMV listing them as a resource doesn’t mean that they agree with our views, can be available today or have openings. Please contact them directly if you want to utilize their services*.


Teenage victims identified in Pittsburgh early morning Easter shooting (

In Solidarity, Fawn Walker Montgomery, MS CEO & Co-Founder TAMV

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