#Justice4OmariThompson-The Fight Continues


On July 23, 2019, two undercover agents, from the Bureau of Narcotics Investigations of the Office of Attorney General, claim that they set up a “buy-bust” focused on Omari Thompson. They allege that they arranged to meet him in the parking lot of a Big Lots store (on McKnight Road) to buy drugs. Shortly after that they claim he grew suspicious and began firing, hitting one agent in the shoulder & leg (the agent survived). However, Omari didn’t make it out of this encounter alive. He was shot eight times and killed by the agents. According to Omari’s Father “They pulled him out of the car, and they put him on the ground and they half-covered his body and he was laying there for two hours”.


After the shooting, the media and Attorney General Josh Shapiro did what typically happens with officer involved shootings (with non-white people) they focused on Mr. Thompson’s past. According to the family he was on his way to Pep Boys to get car supplies. To, them the story about him being involved in a drug bust has never really added up.

As the details of the incident unfolded the media failed to mention that Omari was a son, Father, uncle, cousin, and brother. He has a son, and his girlfriend was expecting when he was killed. Our stance at TAMV (like other similar cases we have worked on) is that Black/Brown people should be afforded the same privilege as white suspects and brought in ALIVE to have their day in court. Not murdered or slaughtered as if their lives didn’t matter.


The Allegheny County Homicide Unit is the independent entity that is still conducting the investigation. The family is still waiting to hear the results and of course none of the officer’s had a BODY CAM on. Omari’s Father stated that “they never found a gun,” he said. “The only thing the morgue said my son had on him was eighty cents and a cigarette lighter.” “You could have arrested him, locked him up, and put him in jail, why did you have to slaughter him like some animal?”

This family deserves answers and the same gentle treatment that the officer’s family, who was wounded, received from the media and the Attorney General’s office.


Support the family by asking questions and taking action. To, often in Allegheny County we pick and choose who to HELP. We decide when to believe police reports etc. It’s no secret that the criminal justice system is flawed and historically violent towards non-while people. Knowing this it’s our DUTY to question when things happen similar to Omari. To help the Call Attorney General Josh Shapiro and DEMAD he gives the family answers:

16th Floor, Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17120


If you want to donate to Omari’s family their cash app is $Swahili7

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