#Justice4RomirTalley- The Fight Continues

The Story

Romir was shot and killed by Wilkinsburg Officer Robert Gowans on December 22, 2019. The community and the families attorney (Paul Jubas) have pointed out several inconsistencies with the police’s report. When officers went to Romir’s Mother’s home the first question they asked her was what hand was Romir. The EMS report indicates that person who contacted 911 called back to tell them that they had the wrong suspect. If the EMS report is accurate, it proves that Officer Gowans killed an innocent man.

How You Can Take Action


We must continue to fight & put pressure on Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala and Deputy DA Kevin Chernosky. Contact them at the information listed below. DEMAND that Officer Gowans be charged, arrested and terminated

Let them know we haven’t forgotten,

and we still want #Justice4RomirTalley